Sailing Instructions



1.1Races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the World Sailing including Sail Canada prescriptions, current edition. (2021 – 2024).

1.2 Local Health Unit and provincial COVID 19 (C19) restrictions and guidelines will be observed by all participants


2.1 The race schedule includes races described in the TYC Schedule of Events. The notice of races will be posted in the TYC notice boards on the north and west sides of the marina and will be available all season and posted on the TYC website. 



Due to C19 restrictions the Race Committee may choose to cancel, postpone or reschedule posted races at short notice. When possible notice of changes to the published race date will be communicated via email to all TYC members through the TYC eblast “Bump and Grind”. Any changes to the sailing instructions for a particular race will be communicated at the skippers’ meetings prior to the race


4.1 The Race committee will communicate with the racing fleet using VHF radio channel 09 as required. Hailing the racing fleet will be done on channel 09 with any instructions for competitors to switch to a channel prescribed by the race committee.

4.2 All transmissions between the race committee and competitors will be accomplished at one-watt transmission levels.


5.1 The TYC race championship series will include 10 races identified with an asterisk in the schedule of races 2021. Participants may drop 2 races in the point standings. 

5.1a. Ten TYC races: Ice Breaker Race, *Founders Cup, *Memorial Cup, *Regatta, *Mighty Mary, JAZ, *TYC Race 7, Fun Race from the Islands, Meaburywood, *Rhoda Ironside, *Stewart Wootton, *Turkey Race.

5.3 Skippers meetings will be held at 0930 hrs (unless stated otherwise) at or near the pavilion. However for 2021 skippers meetings will be held either via VHF radio on Ch 9 (low power) or at the discretion of the Race Committee, at a socially distanced meeting in the parking lot at the east end of the harbour. Exceptions to the above meeting times will be:

a) The Fun Race From the Islands,  (TBD)

b) Day one of the Thornbury Yacht club Regatta (08:30hrs)

c) The Rhoda Ironside Long distance Race (08:30hrs)

All races will start 90 minutes after the posted skippers meeting start time or postponed up to 2 hrs at the discretion of the race committee.  A warning will be signalled at 5 minutes prior to the race start, unless otherwise directed at the skippers meeting by the race committee. The race committee will communicate on- water via VHF radio to ensure that all racers have all relevant information. The safety of all racers is paramount.

5.4 All boats are expected to have a valid PHRF-LO certificate. If a boat does not have a valid certificate the race committee will assign a provisional ASP and Time-on-Time correction factor for that race. To avoid delaying results, competitors without PHRF certificates or provisional handicaps are requested to request a provisional handicap from the Club Handicapper before race day. We rely on and use PHRF’s information to enable boats of different sizes to compete on a level playing field. 

5.5 Reciprocal agreements with Collingwood Yacht Club and Reef Boat Club allow CYC & RBC boats to enter TYC races. (see note 14.3 re Guest boats)


6.1 Make-up days may be used if races are not completed as scheduled or if the race committee considers it unlikely that races will be completed as scheduled.

6.1.a. Rescheduling of abandoned races may be tabled for discussion at subsequent skippers meetings and/or via e-mail to registered racers. Make-up races may be scheduled to be run as a second or subsequent race on any scheduled race day provided the rescheduled subsequent race can be started no later than 1300hrs. Racers should be prepared to start that subsequent race.

The race committee will make every effort to gain a consensus among racers with respect to the rescheduling of an abandoned race. The race committee will make the final decision on whether to start that race.

6.2 Wind Thresholds; TYC Races may be delayed, cancelled, or abandoned when winds exceed sustained speeds of 25 knots and or at the discretion of the race committee. 


7.1 Class flag will be the TYC burgee. Contingent upon maximum crew size allowances, due to local health unit guidelines, TYC will run flying sail and non-flying sail classes provided there are a minimum 3 boats in each class.

7.2 Skippers must elect to sail in either flying sails or non-flying sails prior to the race. Boats registered at the skippers meeting will be classed as non-flying sails unless the registering skipper specifically elects flying sails.

7.3 The warning for the first division will be signalled by the hoisting of the Thornbury Yacht Club burgee.

7.4 The warning for the second division when required, will be code flag W.

7.5 The warning for the third division, when required, will be numerical pennant #3.

7.6 The warning for the fourth division, when required, will be numerical pennant #4 etc.


8.1 The racing area is shown in the diagram titled Thornbury Yacht Club 2021 Racing Mark Locations. West, Centre and East Marks are inflatable orange spheres. Fairway Mark is a Transport Canada (TC) buoy outside the harbour entrance. Additional marks may be used. The race area also includes other inshore fixed TC navigation buoys. The identification and location of these buoys will be posted on the TYC racing pages by the RC. Attachment A shows the location of the racing area.


9.1 The diagrams in Attachment A show the locations of race marks, including the approximate bearings between the marks and the leg lengths between marks.

9.2 The courses will be communicated to the race skippers at the pre-race skipper’s meeting or on the water via VHF radio.

9.3 Generally the courses will be selected from the West, Centre, East and Fairway marks and may be triangular, windward/leeward or a combination. For the duration of the 2021 season the race committee will be favouring fixed TC buoys as part of the racecourses. 

9.4 If a course change becomes necessary after the skippers meeting the race committee will communicate the changes to all racers using the VHF radio on the prescribed channel


10.1 The fixed race marks will be inflatable orange spherical buoys approximately 3 feet in diameter or the yellow spire. The moveable marks will be an inflatable orange tetrahedron/yellow spire. The Fairway mark (TT) at the mouth of the Thornbury Harbour lead-in may also be used as a turning mark or a start/finish mark as deemed necessary by the race committee. Also see Para 8 for addition course marks.

10.2 Fixed racing marks will be known as West, Centre, East and Fairway marks. The movable tetrahedron will be known as the “tetrahedron mark”. Other marks are known as Newbank, Tank Range or Meaford.


11.1 Generally for races started at 11:00hrs the first warning signal will be at 10:55 hrs GPS time. Afternoon races will be started at 14:00hrs with the first warning signal at 13:55hrs GPS time. 

11.2 Races will be started using a 5-minute start sequence. The following signals will be made: 

Signal Visual signal and sound Minutes before the start

Warning TYC Flag + 1 sound 5

Preparatory flag + 1 sound 4

One Minute Preparatory flag removed + 1 long sound 1

Start TYC flag removed + 1 sound 0

11.3 The warning for subsequent starts may coincide with the previous start signal or follow it by a time interval of 10 minutes at the discretion of the race committee. 

11.4 The starting line will be described to the race skippers at the pre-race skippers meeting. The Fairway mark may form part of the starting line. The other end of the starting line may be bounded either by a race committee boat, an inflatable mark, or a designated landmark. The race committee may decide to establish an alternate start line if prevailing weather conditions dictate.

11.5 An alternate self-start may be used at the discretion of the race committee. The self-start will be administered from one of the participant boats in the race.

11.6 If self-start is designated it will occur at 11:00/14:00 GPS time unless a delay is necessary. On a self-start, there may not be any sound signals and competitors will be asked to record their own finish times (Hr:Mins:Secs).

11.7 Sound signals may be simultaneously broadcast by VHF radio over the designated communication channel.

11.8 Timing for all races will be local GPS time.

11.9 There will be no penalty for boats starting the race late. Boats may start at any time after the start signal.

11.10 The around the end rule (RRS 30.1) will apply to all TYC races, whether or not the Race Committee flies flag code “India”.


12.1 The finishing line will generally be between the Fairway mark and the Committee boat or inflatable mark. However, due to prevailing circumstances, the finishing line may be struck between the Fairway mark and a mark on shore, at another mark of the course, at a finishing mark set by the race committee or any series of landmarks or navigation buoys as deemed necessary by the Race Committee.

12.2 If the race is sailed under self-start racers are responsible for recording their own finish times (Hr:Mins:Secs).

12.2.2 Finish times will be recorded as local GPS time.

12.2.3 Finish times will be reported to the race scorer for results calculation at each racers earliest opportunity but not later than 15 minutes after the last boat has crossed the finish line. Skippers are responsible for texting finishing times (Hr:Mins:Secs).to The Race Committee for scoring purposes, The Race Committee Scorer will furnish skippers with a mobile number at the skippers meeting.


13.1 Generally a time limit of 4 hours will be in effect for all TYC races.

13.1.a The first race in the TYC Regatta will have a time limit of 3 hours. The second race on day 1 of TYC Regatta will have a time limit of 3 hours. Day 2 of the TYC Regatta is a long distance race. It will have a time limit of 5 hours.

13.1.b The Rhoda Ironside Long distance Race will have a 5-hour time limit.

13.2 The race committee reserves the right to change these limits in the interests of safety, fair racing or general satisfaction of the TYC racing fleet.

13.3 Boats failing to finish within time limits will be scored as “Did Not Finish”.


14.1 Boats will be scored using PHRF-LO ASP and Time-on-Time correction factors

14.2 After applying the appropriate handicap, the Low Point Scoring system, with the first place finisher receiving 1 point, will apply with the following modifications to the Appendix A4 of the RRS;

DNF = DID NOT FINISH – number of boats started +1

RET = RETIRED – number of boats started +1

DNS = DID NOT START – number of boats started +2

DNC = DID NOT COMPETE – number of boats started + 2

DSQ = DISQUALIFIED – number of boats started + 2

14.3 Guest boats entered in TYC races will be scored as per their corrected times within the TYC fleet. Place flags will be awarded to guest boats as placed. However, TYC placing will exclude guest boats. Points for season standings will be awarded to TYC boats excluding any guest placing.


15.1 Skippers are reminded that the safety of all participants is paramount. In addition to all legislated requirements and all on-water safety protocols any activity that places crew at risk and unable to self-distance will be sanctioned by the race committee. (These actions include creating conditions around the racecourse, including but not limited to the start, where a stand on boat puts a give way boat and crew and risk unnecessarily.) In the interests of good sportsmanship skippers are expected to use right of way situations without detriment to the safety of participants.

15.2 Skippers are responsible for conducting elementary COVID screening of all crew members prior to assembling on the boat. Skippers are responsible for ensuring all crew comply with mask, physical distancing, and sanitization requirements at all times while on board. All participants are expected to comply with all Public Health orders and Guidelines including maximum crew size pertaining to outdoor gatherings

15.3 Skippers will register their boats for the race at the pre-race skippers meeting.

15.4 A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible.

15.4 Every boat shall carry at least the minimum safety equipment as described in the Canadian Coast Guard’s Safe Boating Guide. The appropriate equipment shall be on board, in working order, and ready to use at all times.

15.5 On downwind starts, spinnakers and other downwind sails shall not be hoisted before clearing the starting line after the start signal has sounded.

15.7 Competitors in the John Zsolt Single Handed Race must wear a PFD. It is strongly recommended that skippers wear a safety harness and be attached to their boat at all times. Wearing a safety harness is left to the discretion of individual skippers.

15.8 It is the skipper’s responsibility to ultimately decide to race their  boat based on all prevailing conditions.


16.1 The use of an Autohelm/Autopilot is permitted during any TYC race.

16.2 The use of power winches is permitted during any TYC race.

16.3 The Mighty Mary race will be the only race with a restriction on regular crews. The Mighty Mary Race will have 2 divisions within one race. Division 1 will be for boats skippered and crewed by all females. Only all-female boats will be eligible to compete for the Mighty Mary Trophy. Division 2 is for mixed crews. The helms person in division 2 must be female. The remainder of the crew may be either male or female at the skippers’ discretion, these boats will be eligible to compete for the Betty Bowl Trophy. Male crew members may not take the helm starting from 4 minutes prior to the starting signal until the boat crosses the finish line. In an emergency, a male member may take the helm temporarily. That boat will retire or may proceed only after taking an on-water penalty by accomplishing 2 full turns to include 2 tacks and 2 gybes.


17.1 The race committee will communicate with the racing fleet via VHF radio Channel 09 Communication between boats while on the racecourse and to the race committee will be via VHF radio Channel 09 unless agreed otherwise at the pre-race meeting.

17.2 Except in an emergency, competitors shall not communicate with other competitors via cell phone or VHF channels not likely to be monitored by all competitors.

17.3 In the event that excessive radio traffic necessitates an alternative channel, the Race Committee will advise competitors of the alternate channel to be used. Competitors shall acknowledge the change before switching to the new channel.

17.4 Transmissions between the Race Committee and competitors shall be made at a transmission power level appropriate for the distance between vessels.


18.1 Position flags will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each class (NFS & FS) for single races. The exception will be the Annual Thornbury Regatta. The overall placers for the series of races constituting the TYC Regatta will be awarded place flags. Winners of races designated as cup races will be awarded the sponsored trophy at the end of season banquet.


19.1 Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage, personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after Thornbury Yacht Club races.


20.1 All boats competing in TYC races will carry minimum $2,000,000 Cdn Third party liability insurance.


21.1 All owners and skippers must complete and execute upon purchasing their Racing entry or return the TYC Racing Waiver form to Mike Molloy, Rear Commodore Racing TYC prior to their first race.

22. Rowans Law and Your Legal Requirements.

22.1 All participants must, for the current season and every subsequent season;

a.) Confirm they have read a Ministry Approved Concussion Awareness Resource.

b.) Confirm they have reviewed, and committed to, the Ontario Sailing Athlete Concussion Code of Conduct.

22.2 A link to the Ontario Sailing Rowans Law resource is available on the TYC website.

22.3 All participants in TYC racing programs must sign the appropriate affidavit and submit to their skipper for transmittal to the Race Committee.

22.4 Any boat not in compliance with the requirements of paragraph 21.1 and 21.3 will not be permitted to race.