PHRF Certificates

How to get your PHRF certificate

For those of us who are signed up for the TYC racing program and intend to race either in the TYC racing program or intra club races like the Meaburywood memorial race or the Georgian Bay Regatta this note is for you.

You will need a Handicap certificate commonly known on our waters as a PHRF certificate. This certificate gives your boat an appropriate time correction based on the make, model and configuration of your boat. The first step in getting that certificate is the completion of the PHRF certificate application form. The application form can be found on the PHRF website at or through the link below. It needs to be filled out and forwarded to the TYC handicapper, Steve Fisher at [email protected]. If you don’t have sail measurements from your sailmaker you will need to get your headsail, mainsail and downwind sails measured. Steve can help you get that done. Once inputted to PHRF by your handicapper it takes about 2 weeks to get that certificate.

For those of us who have a valid certificate it is recommended you have a copy of that certificate on your boat. You will need to present it at the registration to any race run under the PHRF handicap system.

A copy of your boat certificate once validated can be found on the PHRF website under the “searches and queries” drop down. Click on “certificate query”.  Input your surname, boat name, sail number and press the “GO” button and you will find your certificate. Download it, print it and keep it on your boat.

 PHRF application/change form Link: