FOR 03-Mar-20

What's in a Name?


Owners: Scott and Nancy Gudgeon 

Nancy and I bought her new in Sackett’s Harbour, New York. Our first new boat and we were pretty excited and wanted a perfect name. We tried many. We had recently traveled in India, where we learned a little bit about everybody’s favourite Hindu god - Ganesha, aka Ganesh. Ganesha, among other traits, removes obstacles that would otherwise impede one’s success. We thought removing obstacles was a good thing to have on Georgian Bay. So far so good.


We then needed an image of Ganesha for our transom and we “adapted” one from the spinnaker of a beautiful racing yacht with the same name (attached). Before we had  the name and image applied to the boat, I thought I should see if appropriating someone else’s religious personage would cause any offense. For instance, eyebrows could be raise if, instead of Ganesha, I named our vessel “Jesus Christ!”  Lord Ganesha is revered all over SE Asia. I checked in with a several Indian and South Asian friends. All were enthusiastically supportive.


Ganesha, like other gods is associated with a vehicle (sidekick, buddy). In Ganesha’s case it’s a mouse. Now that we have a new dinghy, you may soon be seeing it sporting the name of Ganesha’s vehicle (stay tuned, more homework is required).


MARCH 15th Pub Night, 4pm, Corner Cafe

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