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Author’s North Atlantic adventure draws standing room only

Sue and David Williams described their North Atlantic crossing to a full house of TYC members at the Corner Café’ on November 17th.  For those who missed it, provided here is a review of the book, written by Katherine Stone, a frequent contributor to Canadian Yachting magazine.

Ready to Come About (a memoir)                           By: Sue Williams

Sue Williams wasn’t a sailor and didn’t have an adventure bone in her body. Her idea of a thrill was doing applique! So it isn’t surprising that the cover of the book Ready to Come About is actually one of her appliques. They often say of life changing events that life seems to take on new meaning. Her  husband Dave had just suffered a grand mal seizure caused by stress and sleep deprivation, and then been fired from his job after 11 years of loyal service. Sitting bolt upright in the middle of the night Sue exclaimed, “I know what the we must do. An ocean crossing’s what you’ve dreamt of doing, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

Dave was an experienced sailor, and their boat named Inia, an Alberg 30, was a sturdy, ocean-going vessel. They took navigation and boat engine maintenance courses and a year to prepare themselves and the boat for the year long trip across the Atlantic. In their mid-50s, they had no blue-water experience, but they were well prepared.

Leaving Hamilton Harbour in May 2007 they were gone 373 days, had 14 offshore passages, travelled 11,000 NM and were 86 days at sea. Through all manner of catastrophes, they persevered, solved problems and accomplished things they never thought they could do. Overcoming sea sickness, sleep deprivation, losing both anchors and ground tackle, constant motion and mechanical problems it certainly lives up to the motto that “The rougher the passage the more joyful the landing”. Sue and Dave now truly understand that the mind has the ability to be tested beyond what is humanly possible and carry on.

Seriously doubting themselves, Sue wrote, “Up to this point, Inia had been in the water for a little more than a week and had travelled only about 150 NM from home, during which she had almost sunk, the head had exploded, the Zodiac had sprung a leak, we had run aground, and both the outboard and diesel motors had broken down. Yet we were heading for the Atlantic Ocean where there would be no stores, no help, and no turning back. Were we crazy? Right off our rockers?”

Although Dave may have been the captain of the boat, Sue was the captain of the voyage, as she was the one who decided that they must cross the Atlantic, and ended up steering the boat all through the Eric Canal and in and out of tricky mooring and docking situations.

The book is available through Dundurn press for $20.99 at the Nautical Mind book store, Indigo Chapters, Amazon and has now been listed for 4-1/2 months on the best seller list. Come see them at the Toronto Boat Show in January and get your own autographed copy. I can truly attest that it is a great page turner and a MUST read for any woman who thinks that she couldn’t possibly go cruising, cross an ocean or who needs to get out of her comfort zone to grow and have an adventure – possibly learning more about herself. This isn’t to say that men won’t find the book interesting or enjoyable, as they certainly will!

Update from the Bridge

The new Bridge has had their first meeting and everyone is busy transitioning over to their new portfolios.  As we wrap up the current year, plans are already underway for next season!  If you missed the Fall meeting of Members or the Haulout dinner, you may not have heard the news so here's the who's who......

Linda Fuhro Commodore

Keri Humber - Vice Commodore

Andi Kleiser - Past Commodore

Jennifer Perks - Secretary

Alison Miller - Treasurer

Mark Beaton - Communications

David L'Heureux - Rear Commodore, Harbour

Glenn Hayworth - Safety, Education, Environment

Kathey Koningen - Social

Mike Molloy - Racing

TYC member wins Ontario Sailing Award

Katie Nicoll, one our newest TYC members will be receiving the Ontario Sailing Volunteer of the Year award.  A list of some of her contributions to the sailing community include: National Umpire and Judge, Chairman of Ontario Judges Committee, Sail Canada Umpires Committee, Ontario Appeals Committee and Secretary/Treasurer of the Canadian J24 Class.  Katie and her husband Greg are new members to TYC, they own a C&C 34, “Just Nick”.  Congratulations Katie, and welcome to the Thornbury Yacht Club! 

Have you removed your compass?

In a recent Canadian Yachting article on magnetic compasses, the author Katherine Stone recommends removing a liquid filled compass for the winter to reduce the development of a bubble. This is caused when the fluid contracts and then expands forcing the liquid to leak out the seal. This is a great article on compasses and includes many helpful DIY information. Look for the full article on the TYC website.

Town of Blue Mountain Harbour Notes:

The Hydro will be turned OFF on December 15th, and back ON March 15th

The Water Level was 130cm above Chart Datum on October 30th, 2019

The high wind and waves caused some damage to a corner of the fuel dock.  The shed has been removed for the winter months.

With the weather and high winds, the harbour staff recommends members periodically check on their boats, covers and cradle pads.  

Reminder – TYC “Christmas Social” 17:00, December 15th, Corner Café

We are gathering photo’s and stories for the 2019 Annual Review. This printed Bump and Grind is all about sharing your 2019 boating season with the rest us.  If you have an anecdote and/or some images you’d like to share, please send content to:


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