FOR 22-Oct-20

AGM and Fall Meeting of Members Update


Thank you to everyone who was able to participate at our first ever virtual AGM and Fall Meeting of Members held last Sunday via Zoom.  We had a couple of technical hiccups at the beginning but managed to get everyone comfortable with voting on the motions presented.  We also appreciate all those who could not attend but sent in their proxies instead.


The Bridge met afterwards to confirm the following positions for the next term.  They are as follows:


Linda Fuhro - Commodore

Keri Humber - Vice Commodore

Jennifer Perks - Secretary

Alison Miller - Treasurer

Mark Beaton - Communications

Glenn Hayworth - Safety and Education

Katherine Koningen - Social

Andi Kleiser - Past Commodore

Dave L'Heureux - Harbour

Mike Malloy - Racing


Haul-Out 2020 Update

The Friday and Sunday haul-out went without a hitch, other than Dana Johnston deciding to take one last swim in Georgian Bay while helping a boat off the dock. She was reminded that swimming is not permitted in the harbour. Big thanks to the TYC Harbour Committee, Rene Koppmans and Mark Mathews on the River side and Matthew Curtis and Nick Seston on the Bay side. They kept the boats coming out in order and we finished on time - despite Covid restrictions. I also want to thank all the TYC volunteers who helped on Friday and Sunday. I also cannot forget Jason Hindle from the Town and his staff who help line up the cradles and fill in the gaps where needed.


We received positive feedback from the TYC membership regarding our restricted access to the harbour and central registration area. The TYC harbour committee will consider using this format in spring.


Harbour Rebates


The TYC members should be now receiving rebate cheques from the town for the time lost because our boats were launched late due to Covid. Ryan Gibbons and Jason Hindle informed me this would be happening and the TYC thanks them for advocating on our behalf to the town for this rebate.


Power Sprayers


This Saturday and Sunday the power sprayers to clean your boats will be placed on the River and Bay side from 10am to 4pm.


Rear Commodore Harbour 



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