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The TYC Harbour Committee has discussed haul-out with Ryan Gibbons from the town, and we have decided to again close the harbour during the Friday and Sunday as we did for launch this spring. .  We ask everyone to remain respectful and follow the procedures below.   The Town has indicated the OPP will be driving by several times during the day and the By-law Officer will be around, so TYC needs to set a great example!



Haul-Out Friday October 16 and Sunday October 18 2020


  • Please ready your cradles by either Thursday Oct 15 or Saturday the 17th. The Town will close the harbour at 5pm on Thursday and Saturday and no other access will be permitted.
  • Access down the hill to the harbour parking & haul-out area will be closed on the Friday and Sunday to all but the TYC Harbour Committee volunteers who will be working the entire day in the harbour to help haul-out the boats.  
  • Due to COVID-19, there will be no traditional work schedules.  We have worked with Ryan Gibbons of the Town and Vanwyck Crane Service to create a procedure which limits the number of people in the harbour, while also providing a safe working environment for all the workers.  The TYC Harbour Committee volunteers have been asked to work the entire day, so there will be no work schedules.  These volunteers will look after the many, so we can work together by staying apart.





TYC members are asked to comply with the Ontario Government’s COVID-19 guidelines.   Please refer to for any details and our local public health unit  In addition, wearing face coverings/masks and bringing your own hand sanitizer is required.

High visibility vests will be worn by all workers and different colours will indicate what they are doing. Your TYC Harbour Committee will be in Pink.  


  • There are no set scheduled haul-out times.  An e-blast will follow in the next day or so with more specific registration details and groupings of boats, with the first group registering at 8am.  TYC members must register with the TYC Harbour Committee volunteer at the top of the hill at your scheduled registration time.  Certain membership details will be confirmed including a cell phone number so we may call you when it’s your turn to proceed to the haul-out staging area. 


  • Please bring your CHARGED cell phone as that is how we will contact you after you have registered at your scheduled registration time.


  • The washrooms will be open the entire day and you are required to wash your hands before enter the harbour.  We ask that you wear your face mask, as you may not be able to maintain 2 meters apart from another person.


  • Members whose boats are located on A, B, C, D, are welcome to wait on their boats until you are called. We ask that within 30 minutes of receiving that call, you are available to bring your boat over to the staging area on the river or bay side.


  • If your boat is located on F, G, H docks you may wait on your boat or stand behind the road until you are called. To access those docks, you will need to go to the check point at the washrooms.  You and a few others will be escorted to your boats all while doing proper social distancing.


  • You will be able to bring 1 other person with you on your boat to help. There will a few volunteers on the docks to help you cast off.


  • If you need assistance to bring your boat to the staging area, you will be provided a TYC Harbour Committee volunteer to help you. If you need a tow, a tow boat will be available.


  • Once you arrive at the staging area, there will be TYC Harbour Committee volunteers who will hold your boat to the dock. If required, please release your back stays. Once you are asked to leave your boat, you will go to your cradle.


  • You will only be able to observe your slings being attached to your boat. You can give directions if necessary to the Vanwyck signalman. Please do not approach the sling crew and keep your distance to more than 2 meters away.  When you are satisfied with the placement of your boat in the cradle, the signalman will have the slings removed.


  • You will be permitted to work on your boat for the next 15 minutes to stow your lines and fenders and reconnect your backstay if required. Once you are done you will need to leave the harbour.


  • When Vanwyck has left the harbour, access to the harbour will be permitted. 


Please pack your patience for the day and maybe pack a lunch as well!  We know this will be a very different haul-out day.


Thank you everyone.  Stay safe and see you there.



AGM/Fall Meeting of Members Reminder:


Our Annual General Meeting and Fall Meeting of Members will be held on the 17th day of October. 2020 at 1500 hrs.


Please register as soon as possible and well in advance of the Meeting.  Please use the link below to register for this meeting: 



After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Meeting.


Registration is now open – you may register any time up to 3:00 pm on Thursday, October 15th. If you have any difficulties registering for the meeting please contact Glenn Hayworth at 416-770-2460 for assistance. 




Cruising Awards


As the 2020 cruising season comes to a close, it's time to tally up the miles traveled for the annual distance awards.


This year we will be handing out the burgees for the distance awards as well as those for the Northern and Southern Rendezvous at Haul-out in October; the recipients will be named in the following week's e-blast.


The distance awards are for:

  • 300 nautical miles,
  • 600 nautical miles, and 
  • 1,000 nautical miles.

Note that the distance awards are for the miles attributable to boats registered with TYC (i.e., charters don't count).


Please send us your mileage for this year.  In addition, please let us know if you attended the "unofficial" Southern Rendezvous in July.  (We have a list of the attendees of the Northern Rendezvous.)


Please send your accomplishments to:  [email protected]


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