FOR 30-Sep-20

 AGM and Fall Meeting of Members update


With the newly announced restrictions for gatherings due to COVID-19 cases increasing within Ontario, we will be unable to hold our AGM/Fall Meeting of Members in person.  Therefore, we will host a virtual AGM/Fall Meeting of Members via Zoom instead. 

Section 12.1 of the TYC By-laws states "Meetings of Members will be held within Grey County".  The TYC Bridge will be gathered at a location within Grey County, thereby satisfying this by-law, and will host this meeting via Zoom.  Instructions on how to use Zoom and register for the meeting are below/attached.


Member questions regarding the financial statements or any other business should be submitted to the Bridge prior to the meeting or no later than noon Wednesday, October 14th 2020.  This will best facilitate the meeting via remote electronic access/Zoom.  Questions or any other business may be submitted via email to [email protected]


All Financial Statements and meeting information can be accessed via the following link


We also encourage you to submit a Proxy form if you will be unable to join the meeting via Zoom.  You may give your Proxy form to any member of the Bridge.  The Proxy form is attached/at the bottom of this email.

Below is information on how to download Zoom and register for the AGM/Fall Meeting of Members:


•           Prior to the Meeting, download ZOOM to the device you will use to join the Meeting (desktop computer, laptop or mobile device) at


•           If you have not used ZOOM, we suggest you become familiar with it prior to the Meeting by setting up your own practice meeting with family or friends.


•           You must register in advance to attend this Meeting. We request that ONLY Senior Members register for the Meeting. 


Please register as soon as possible and well in advance of the Meeting.  Please use the link below to register for this Meeting: 


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Meeting.


Registration is now open – you may register any time up to 3:00 pm on Thursday, October 15th. 


            Information for when you have logged into ZOOM the day of the Meeting:


•           All participants will have their audio automatically set to mute, their video turned off and “chat” turned on.  The meeting host will monitor the chat line so that questions may be addressed at the end of each presentation and prior to the voting for applicable motions. The meeting host will also have the ability to turn on an individual’s audio and/or video. 


•           The Chair of the Meeting will call for a vote on each item as identified in the Notice of Meeting and Proxy forms.  The Chair will first ask for those who are “Against” to “raise” their electronic hands in Zoom.  This is typically found at the bottom of your screen on a laptop.  In the “Participants” Icon - find the “raise hand” button.  Note that this may vary based on the device you use to sign into the meeting.  If there is significant opposition, a ballot via Zoom Poll, may be required and the poll would be conducted during the meeting.  If there is no significant opposition, the Chair will ask for those who are “For” to raise their hands in Zoom.



I, _____________________________________ am a Senior Member entitled to vote at meetings of

the Thornbury Yacht Club and I hereby appoint ______________________________, to attend and

act, including without limitation to vote, on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Club and Fall Meeting of Members

to be held on October 17, 2020 and any adjournments of that meeting, in respect of all business

which may properly come before that meeting and any adjournments of that meeting. This proxy

revokes all proxies previously submitted by me or on my behalf.


DATED: _____________________________






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