FOR 17-Sep-20

Racing on Saturday


The race scheduled for Saturday is a go! Start time is 11:00. Race instructions will be transmitted over VHF on Saturday.

More details to follow.

Vice Commodore of Racing


[email protected]


Cruising Awards


As the 2020 cruising season comes to a close, it's time to tally up the miles traveled for the annual distance awards.


This year we will be handing out the burgees for the distance awards as well as those for the Northern and Southern Rendezvous at Haul-out in October; the recipients will be named in the following week's e-blast.


The distance awards are for:

  • 300 nautical miles,
  • 600 nautical miles, and 
  • 1,000 nautical miles.

Note that the distance awards are for the miles attributable to boats registered with TYC (i.e., charters don't count).

Please send us your mileage for this year.  In addition, please let us know if you attended the "unofficial" Southern Rendezvous in July.  (We have a list of the attendees of the Northern Rendezvous.)


Please send your accomplishments to:  [email protected]




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