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Beausoleil First Nation Territory Closed to Boaters


In a July 3rd press release, the Beausoleil First Nation announced that due to concerns over Covid-19,  Christian Island, Beckwith Island, Hope Island, and Cedar Point are closed to boaters.


“Sometime in July a marine barricade will be installed at the northerly points of Beckwith Island….disregard of this advisory will result in trespassing fines and charges.”


TYC members should govern themselves accordingly.


What's in a Name?  Odin

By Erling Morris


My boats name is  ODIN.  I was the first Commodore and one of the founders of the "Thornbury Boatclub". I will be 99 (years old) this July and I am still an active boater.  Mostly as a sailor, but for several years now to a power cruiser "Odin".

Odin was the Viking name for one of many  people and its driver was Thor. Odin was the god of the thunder and lightening according to my grandfather and I have no reason to not believe him. He was a great professional old sailor. 

(Editor's Note:  Erling's piece on his boat Odin came to me unsolicited.  I am researching the early days of TYC,  anybody who has information, please contact: Mark Beaton)


Harbour Newsletter


Although the season started late this summer, the harbour staff is so glad to see you back in the water. Our full staff has returned from last summer: Kenny, Kyle, James, Michelle and Jason. We hope you will be able to make the most of this summer. As we get into the swing of things here at the harbour we have a few updates to give you all.


We ask that as things start to slowly reopen and ‘normalize’ that you continue to follow Ontario Public Health guidelines and practice physical distancing. This year, due to COVID-19 safety protocols, we will not be putting out bins to collect empties, as a way to protect our staff. Please leave your returnable cans and glass in the recycling bins provided or take them with you off the property.


Our staff will be conducting multiple daily cleanings and sanitizations of the washroom and shower buildings, but we need your help to keep our facilities safe and clean! There is a spray bottle of disinfectant, paper towel and hand sanitizer provided in each shower room for you to self-sanitize with after you use the facilities. Please help our harbour stay healthy!


When coming to get fuel or a pump out, please call or radio beforehand to insure we can assist you. Pump outs are $15 for TYC members and $19 for non-TYC members. Currently, the price for gas is $1.451/L and diesel is $1.453/L. to each dock ramp. This is a step we have taken to reduce the amount of non-boater traffic on the docks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


As you have likely noticed, we have attached chains and signs to each dock ramp. This is a step we have taken to reduce the amount of non-boater traffic on the docks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can email us: or call/text our harbour cell: 705-444-4398


We look forward to the rest of the season with you all!


Your harbour staff






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