FOR 01-Jul-20

Great Wind for Sailpast


Sailpast 2020 turned out to be a great day.  The weather co-operated and stayed dry with the sun finally coming out to shine on the day.  The wind was a little gustier than forecasted but all eventually returned safely back to the harbour by the end of the day.


I know that we have been talking about social distancing very frequently but there were some cases during Sailpast that took that to the extreme!! The day ran long so I thought I would send the final message out via eblast instead. 


I have always felt that the Sailpast tradition is an important part of our boating season and so I am glad that we could find a modified way to stay safe and still get out on the water.



Thanks go out to the Minister Brian Goodings for participating from ashore and blessing the fleet.  I certainly appreciate this tradition and I think this year, more than ever, we will take all the blessings that we can get!  Thanks also go out to the Beaver Valley Pipe and Drum Corp for piping us all back into the harbour.  Music to my ears.


Thank you to VC Keri Humber and his committee – you did a fabulous job getting creative on putting this day together and letting us give out a little bubbly at the end of the day.  I would also like to send a big thank you to all the Members for your patience and understanding, keeping socially distant and helping make this day happen.


There were 3 boat prizes awarded to …..

 - 1st Prize – Just Nick

 - Runners Up – Champagne Magnum and Malaika


Over the course of the season we will continue to find ways of staying connected while staying apart.  Finally I would like to thank all of the Bridge Members for their unwavering support over the last few months.  We have had to deal with some trying times and I truly appreciate all of your efforts.


On behalf of the Bridge, I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable boating season.  Remember ‘a dinghy length away keeps the virus at Bay!


Stay safe and see you out there.


Linda Fuhro



2020 Unofficial Rendezvous


In lieu of the official TYC North and South Rendezvous an informal griot participants will be engaging in recreational sails to certain anchorages in compliance with Ontario COVID-19 restrictions. We are calling it the 2020 Unofficial Rendezvous.


The South location will be Hope Island on July 4 and the North location will be Heywood Island on August 5.


Registration is not required but if you need further information contact Glenn Hayworth at


What’s in a Name? Second Quest

by Glen Hayworth


First, it was the second time I had used the word “Quest”. The first being for a music software company I had started in 1987. Second the boat was intended for a quest beyond or after work and third, as became evident quite quickly I was always thinking about how to get Second Quest just a second faster.



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