FOR 24-Jun-20

"The Georgian Bay Loop"

(Submitted by Ron Owston from The Reef Boat Club)


In lieu of the Georgian Bay Regatta, an informal group of past participants will be meeting for a recreational sail in compliance with Ontario COVID-19 restrictions. We're calling it the Georgian Bay Loop and all Georgian Bay sailors are welcome to join us.


Register at the link on top of the page There is no fee and completion of the form is not essential, however it will give us an idea of how many to expect at anchorages. For those interested, we will be calculating corrected times for each leg using PHRF.


The itinerary will be:

Wednesday, July 29 pm: Anchor at Beausoleil east shore
Thursday, July 30: Beausoleil to Christian Is
Friday, July 31: Christian Is to Twelve Mile Bay
Saturday, Aug 1: Twelve Mile Bay to Sans Souci
Sunday, Aug 2: Sans Souci to Christian Is.


An email will be sent to all participants in July giving further details. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Ron Owston (


What's in a Name? Locutus 

by Laura and MIke Lucas

Some people get our boat name right away but “Locutus” is a very unusual name and hard to pronounce.  Some think it’s a variation on our last name - Lucas. Others have guessed Look-at-us or Look-a-cute-a** Lots of fun. But to get to our origin we need to introduce you to our first boat... a jet black J/24 racing machine which originated from Collingwood. 

n the late 1990’s, J/24’s were a competitive racing fleet on Lake Ontario and we needed a strong name for a black boat that indicated a force to be reckoned with.  We’d been hunting for a name for quite some time and were flipping through The TV Guide (remember the TV Guide?) and came across the weekly episode description for Star Trek The Next Generation. It described Locutus, the evil, alter-ego of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and the collective of cybernetic beings known as the Borg - which assimilate all who come in contact. It was fun and fit for racing and even worked well on our crew shirts! We put the Borg slogan “Resistance is Futile” on the boom, which is something Borg characters say over and over again. We also had a Locutus action figure hanging off the backstay for protection. 

When we upgraded to our J/35 we struggled with the name. We contemplated Locutus 2 or Locutus Large but we kept circling back to simply Locutus. She was still a racing machine, but off-white instead of evil black and we had to assimilate more crew.  When we moved to Thornbury, we designed a custom transom decal of a Borg cube (spaceship) and we felt our boat finally lived up to is notorious name.  We still gets lots of questions about the transom and it’s a great icebreaker when meeting new boaters. Our dinghy is affectionately named “Shuttlecraft” which is a lot of fun when hailing on the VHF. 


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