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2020 Sail Past – COVID Style


We are pleased to announce that, after a three-week delay, we will officially open the 2020 sailing season.  Sail Past will take place on Saturday, June 27 from 1315 to 1615.  We will not allow COVID to deter us, but we will ensure that we have a safe and fun event for all of our members.  We will be instituting some changes to the preparation for, and the logistics of, Sail Past:


  • Registration will be online only – there will be no registration on the day.  After registering, participants will receive an email from the Vice Commodore requesting information which is needed to organize the boat order.
  • No Skipper’s Meeting in the Pavilion.  Instead, participants will find an instruction package and their order number in the cockpit of their boat when they arrive (delivery will be before 1200).
  • All communications in the harbour and on the Bay will be on VHF channel 9.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to host a barbeque, so participants will be responsible for their own meals.
  • Good news though, the Commodore will be distributing gift baskets to each of the participating boats.  The gift basket will include a bottle of wine, some nibbles, and treats for children.

Events which won’t change are the Sail Past, the boat dressing (with prizes being awarded), and the fun and camaraderie that we experience as a club.


An overview of the day’s activities:

1315:                     Welcome of members

1500:                     Sail Past Commences

1600:                     Boats return to the harbour accompanied by the Pipers

1600 - 1700:        Dress your boat

1700 - 1730:        Boat dressing judged and baskets distributed

1800:                     Commodore addresses the fleet and winners announced

1815:                     Sail Past ends


The order and organization of the day is subject to change based on current status of the state of emergency and the guidance of the public health authorities.


We remind everyone to observe protocols and preventative measures to protect against the spread of the novel coronavirus by keeping a two metre distance from those who are not in your “COVID Bubble”, wearing a face mask when physical distancing may be difficult and washing your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, including a cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, please do not attend Sail Past stay home and rest –  we want to see you at the next event.  Above all, let’s all Stay Safe and Have FUN!!!


Please follow this link to register for Sail Past:

If you have any questions about the event, please email the Vice Commodore:


What’s in a Name?  Spirit of Tobermory      

by Mark Beaton                Spirit on hook


Spirit of Tobermory is a Cambria 44 (her on-deck length) and she was built in Newport, RI.  She is hull #2 of 19.  I bought her several discussions with her designer, David Walters.  David had been one of the owners of Shannon Yachts, but ventured out on his own with a dream to compete with Alden and Hinckley.  He impressed me with his passion for building yachts “the proper way” (his words).  Unfortunately his dream died a after only a few years; without a name he wasn’t able to compete with the long established brands.  Cabo Rico Yachts now builds Cambria’s in Costa Rica.


The happiest three years of my life were travelling around North America searching for a blue water boat Terri and I would ultimately take south and beyond.  She has the classic lines from the 1980’s that I love and she had everything I thought I would need in a larger boat.  Spirit has two notable stories in her history: The original Superman – Chris Reeves sailed the Newport to Bermuda race on her and later bought one for himself, and, she was one of the first production boats to have a custom “winged keel” installed, changing her draft from nearly 9’ to 7’6”.


I grew up sailing from Big Tub harbour in Tobermory and I love the islands and the marine history of the area.  Originally, I wanted to name her “Incorrigible” after Terri, but the name wouldn’t fit properly on the transom. Spirit of Tobermory wasn’t really a second choice, it is the best place I’ve ever sailed, and I look forward to describing the area to others sailors when we venture beyond Georgian Bay.    


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