FOR 11-Jun-20

2020 Sail Past – COVID Style                    


We are pleased to announce that, after a three-week delay, we will officially open the 2020 sailing season.  Sail Past will take place on Saturday, June 27 from 1315 to 1615.

We will not allow COVID to deter us, but we will ensure that we have a safe and fun event for all of our members.

We will be instituting some changes to the preparation for, and the logistics of, Sail Past:

  • Registration will be online only – there will be no registration on the day.  After registering, participants will receive an email from the Vice Commodore requesting information which is needed to organize the boat order.
  • No Skipper’s Meeting in the Pavilion.  Instead, participants will have an instruction package and their order number delivered to their boat before 1200.
  • All communications in the harbour and on the Bay will be on VHF channel  9.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to host a barbeque, so participants will be responsible for their own meals.
  • Good news though, the Commodore will be distributing gift baskets to each of the participating boats.  The gift basket will include a bottle of wine, some nibbles, and treats for children.

Events which won’t change are the Sail Past, the boat dressing (with prizes being awarded), and the fun and camaraderie that we experience as a club.


An overview of the day’s activities:

1315:                     Welcome of members

1500:                     Sail Past Commences

1600:                     Boats return to the harbour accompanied by the Pipers

1600 - 1700:        Dress your boat

1700 - 1730:        Boat dressing judged and baskets distributed

1800:                     Commodore addresses the fleet and winners announced

1815:                     Sail Past ends


The order and organization of the day is subject to change based on current status of the state of emergency and the guidance of the public health authorities.


Please follow this link to register for Sail Past:


If you have any questions about the event, please email the Vice Commodore:



What's in a Name?  "Zuleta"

by Katherine Koningen

Boat names are intriguing as demonstrated when you take a walk around Thornbury Harbour.  We chose ZULETA as the name for our boat to remind us of a beautiful ranch style hacienda, where we stayed after a trip to Galapagos, in 2014. This sprawled out home surrounded by an orange grove and farmland became our home for a week.  The hacienda was situated in the countryside surrounding Quito, accessed by a long drive on an often unpaved road in a taxi with a driver, who gave us an informative history of the area through which we travelled. 


The hacienda had been the home of two past presidents, father and son.  They believed in saving and living with the environment.  The building was very beautiful demonstrating the talents and skills of past work men.  We followed the manager up a winding staircase with pictures of the presidents, ancestors and present families lining the walls. Each portrait had a brass plate identifying the person and date of life.  There was also a well stocked library of leather bound gold trimmed books of history and stories of Ecuador. We were guided to our bedroom, which wrapped us in a charm from earlier times.


The following day we rose to sunshine and the wafting aroma of baked food coming from the kitchen.  There was a choice of hot and fresh foods all from the farm.  This story would unfold as we toured the farm and the village.  THIS WAS A SELF SUSTAINING RANCH THAT FED AND EMPLOYED EVERYONE WHO LIVED ON THE HACIENDA GROUNDS AND IN THE VILLAGE. THE HACIENDA AND VILLAGE WAS CALLED ZULETA.


We will never forget this trip and the joy of learning about the excellent leadership of the two past presidents who groomed people to be self sustaining, well educated and healthy.

Perhaps we will return for a longer time to enjoy the hospitality and to engage in learning more skills.

On our flight home, refreshed and happy, we knew we had found the perfect boat name, "Zuleta". Of course the the    the name was then carried to our present boat.




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