FOR 30-May-20

Later today we will be sending out a harbour update indicating the registration times for members. We are finalizing the launch list.
Our safety plan has been approved by the town, Vanwyck Crane Service and the regional Health Department. 


 The TYC Harbour work volunteers will be registering first at 7:30am. At 8 am the members whose boats will go in first will then register. They will be called on their cell phones shortly after they register.  Registration will continue until all members have checked in.

We know that members with masts up will need extra time to prepare their back stays. They will be given extra time. 


Only TYC work volunteers will be able to park their vehicles in the harbour - near the Harbour house. The launch ramp will not be used Sunday.
> Later today the complete registration schedule will be sent out.
> David L'Heureux



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