FOR 25-May-20

An Important Message from the Commodore  - Please respond quickly

As we prepare to start the 2020 boating season, these exceptional times of COVID-19 require the Club to implement exceptional measures.  We ask the membership to show discipline to ensure that we all stay healthy and still have an enjoyable boating season.

In a spirit of optimism and trust in our community, TYC has adopted the following special operating guidelines and procedures to ensure all who participate in Club activities maintain appropriate physical distancing and sanitation measures. The more robust the measures we implement, the more we can protect the safety of ourselves and each other. We all must truly work together for ensuring the health and safety of all of us, our families, and to be able to enjoy our summer activities.

We are all in this together and our priority must be focused on all of us coming through these unusual times healthy.

Please read this document carefully.  Input to the creation of these special Operating procedures came from a variety of sources including Ontario Sailing and other provincial sailing organizations. Members across Canada are working to keep clubs safe with these commitments as we all have the same goal.

These guiding principles apply to all TYC activities including launch and haul-out, social events, racing and cruising activities.  Please note that we will be updating these safety steps for specific events starting with the procedures to follow at launch.  These will be sent out shortly.

TYC also continues to work closely with the Town of the Blue Mountains and the Harbour staff and supports any safety procedures they implement to help minimize the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus while allowing us to enjoy the boating season.

As the situation evolves, we will continue to update our procedures as we learn more and see our efforts in action.

Thank you in advance for respecting and agreeing to follow these special operating guidelines and procedures.  As launch is just a few days away, your immediate response is required. 

I wish you all good health.  Stay safe, and have a great boating season!


Linda Fuhro




Thornbury Yacht Club

Special Operating Procedures for the 2020 Season

The document provides the operating procedures that the Club has adopted for this boating season.  The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that we conduct our Club activities as safely as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.  These procedures may be amended from time to time to comply with provincial legislation and regulations.  In addition, they will be supplemented with procedures for specific Club activities such as launch, haul-out, and various social activities.

We are committed to working with the Town to make the boating season as safe and enjoyable as possible for our members, Harbour staff, and the general public.

Everyone who participates in Club activities must read this document and fully abide by its provisions.  These are not normal circumstances.  All members are asked to be flexible, polite, and to compromise when necessary.

As a member of the Club, I agree to the following to help ensure the health and safety of everyone associated with the club.

  • I will not participate in Club activities if I have any symptoms of COVID-19 or if anyone I am living with has such symptoms.  If you are under a government mandated self-isolation period, you are required to complete it before coming to the Harbour. Please refer to the provincial guide for guidance  (If you have a condition whereby you are immunosuppressed or have a chronic illness, you should consult your physician or public health resources to help you decide if you should participate in Club activities.)
  • I will comply with all government mandated physical distancing and sanitation measures while participating in Club activities and at the Harbour, including maintaining a 2-metre distance from others and not congregating in groups.
  • To protect others, I will carry a face mask or face covering and wear it over my nose and mouth whenever physical distancing is a challenge.  Note: wearing a mask while working on your boat is always a best practice.
  • The Harbour and/or Club is making efforts to provide hand washing stations and/or access to hand sanitizer. However, members are kindly requested to bring their own hand sanitizer and use it liberally.
  • I will comply with all regulations and directives of the Town while at the Harbour.
  • The Club or Harbour may post specific directives on notice boards at the Club and on the grounds. I will make every effort to watch for and follow signage and other directives to stay current with the situation.
  • If I hire a contractor to work on my boat or bring a helper, family member or guest, I am responsible for that person’s conduct at the Harbour. They will be shown these rules and must fully respect them. It is best practice to ask the contractor to sanitize the surfaces of your boat where they were working.
  • I understand all Club activities are voluntary and if I participate in such activities, I accept all risks associated with my participation.  Furthermore, should the situation change and guests are included in Club activities, they also agree to assume all risks associated with the activity.

I agree to comply with these Special Operating Procedures and any amendment or supplement that follows.

Please reply to this email with ‘YES’ to indicate your agreement to follow these special operating procedures.  You can also drop off a signed copy of this agreement at Gyles’ mailbox by May 30th, return a signed copy to, or bring along a copy on launch day.


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Signature: ______________________________________

Date: __________________________________________




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