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This e-blast has lots of information about the Year End Banquet. The Commodore is seeking suggestions for the fun awards, the deadline for RSVP'ing is tomrrow, photos are needed for the slide show and be sure to report your season's distance in your TYC boat if you are eligible for a distance flag. James also provides a racing update. As always, please read through to the bitter end for all the details.


Call for Special Nominations!

At this year's Haul-Out Banquet, we would like to, once again, make special presentations to members who are particularly deserving of an honourable mention because they have found a way to shine other than by winning a race or sailed a crazy long distance.

If you are aware of such a member or members, please send me his or her name, boat name and a brief description of the accomplishment for which you are nominating him/her.

These could be funny such as a 'mishap' with a happy ending, serious such as helping out a fellow sailor, admirable such as finding a particularly ingenious solution to a puzzling problem, or anything in between. 

Only submissions made in good faith and humour will be considered.

Please make your submission to me directly at by Monday, October 8, 2018.

Andi Kleiser, Commodore 


Year-End Banquet

Registration is now open for the year end banquet and awards ceremony. This dinner is being held on the Saturday of Haul Out weekend, Saturday October 13th and is at Maiolo's overlooking the harbour. Go online and sign up today, the deadline for RSVP'ing is October 3rd at 5pm.. Please drop your payment with your contribution form into Gyles Sails and Marine no later than Sunday October 8th.

Distance Logs

Please submit your distance traveled on your TYC registered boat for a distance flag. The categories are as follows:

  • 300-600 NM - Bronze
  • 601-1000 NM - Silver
  • 1001 + NM - Gold

Submit your distance travelled to Mike Wright at

And the slide show....

If you have photos of your boat trips, harbour activities, fun times and great sunsets...submit them for the end of season slide show. Send them to



Turkey Race

What a way to finish the season - a three way tie for first place (i'm not kidding)!

1st place: Elmo's Fire, Nessie, Second Quest.



Turns out if you really want to be first you may want to consider a boat name that starts with "A"!

That wraps up the season for the keel boats... Lasers are still racing (if we can get some wind). See you at the banquet.

James Palmer, Rear-Commodore Racing



It has been my pleasure to be on the Communications Committee and responsible for the e-blasts for the past several years. Special thanks to everyone who has provided input, write-ups, suggestions, encouragement, support and gratitude.

As I am unable to do the e-blasts for the next few weeks it seems like a good time to pass the baton...or the keyboard...  

As always, I look forward to seeing you on the dock....and soon, at the pub nights.









The Bitter End




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