FOR 05-Sep-18


Saturday September 15th is the final 'official' dock party of the year. Meet in the TYC pavilion in the late afternoon for barbeque. Members are free and guests are $10 each. Please register on-line before September 10th. If you are registering to bring guests, please pay for them at the event (NOT in advance). As always, this is a green event, please bring your own cutlery, plates, beverages, etc.

Hosts: Heather Reid & Kathey Koningen



This weekend has two events for racers... the Meaburywood and the JAZ Single Handed Race.

Saturday September 8th - Meaburywood

Start Time: 13:30 hrs

Skippers meeting 12:00 hrs in the pavilion


Sunday September 9th - JAZ Single Handed Race

Start Time: 11:00 hrs

Skippers meeting 9:30 hrs in the pavilion

We encourage you to consider participating in the JAZ Single Handed Race. It is always exciting to be a part of the challenge and as in previous years, the Zsolt family will be matching a $50 donation to a charity for each participant that is registered for the event

Hope to see you there! 

James Palmer, Rear Commodore Racing


September Harbour Update

Good afternoon everyone. As many of you have heard, we have been conducting stray current testing throughout the Harbour.  We have found issues surrounding 15 vessels and of those 15, 3 have been fixed.  The boats that have been found with stray current have been asked to stay unplugged and we are checking them to ensure they stay unplugged until the vessels have been repaired. We will be checking during the fall as well. Next year we will be checking monthly. Our detector unit detects stray current in millivolts.  We cannot test for amps because there is no device on the market that is able to create a draw to measure amps.  I talked to our Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspector Scott Moorehouse about our testing device.  He said our device is finding stray voltage that has the potential to cause electrical shock drowning under the right circumstances. The current that we have found is on low scale between (level 1 20mV/foot and level 3 91mV/foot).  As little as 10 mA of current through the human body can cause loss of muscular control which may result in drowning. This is why we ask that the vessels found to have stray current remain unplugged until they are repaired.  The Harbour electrical system is tested and inspected once a season to ensure that we are providing a safe product for our customers. If you have any questions, please contact us at We have good resources and relationship with our electrical contractors and ESA inspectors.

On a lighter note, the Harbour has purchased a new barbeque for the pavilion that will be installed later this week and be ready to test for the MeaBuryWood Regatta. 

If you are heading out for the weekend, please let the Harbour staff know when you are leaving and when you plan to return so we can make sure your slip is open. 

We have changed to our fall hours.  We are now open seven days a week 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  However, with advanced notice, we can stay later to meet your needs. 

Thank you Jason Hindle



Membership Card?

If you have not yet received your membership card, please pick it up at Gyles Sails and Marine. All remaining cards have been left there for you to retreive, just ask for it at the cash counter.


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