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Good afternoon all.

The South Rendezvous is this weekend with the Fun Race Back from the islands taking place on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to a recent scheduling change by CYC this Sunday is the Georgian Bay Cup which Eroica and a handful of TYC Yachts also wish to participate in.  To that end I propose that The race be "self start and stop" following directions to be issued beforehand and reiterated during the rendezvous festivities. 

To that end I would ask that each of you take a minute and review the instructions provided and provide any clarifying comments and subsequently issue to the TYC membership via eblast later today and again on Friday.  Attached below is the Fun Race Outline;


 Instructions for the Fun Race back from Islands - South Rendezvous

A notice to all TYC Sailors and specifically those attending the South Rendezvous this coming weekend.  For the last several years a fun race has been organized for boats returning to Thornbury. This race is very informal and is intended to promote participation.  In keeping with this spirit this year's event will be "self regulated". We don't have a committee boat as Eroica is taking part in the Georgian Bay Cup race on the same Sunday.   That fleet will actually be passing by the islands anchorages sometime about 11:00 - 12:00. 

Detailed sailing instructions for the fun race are noted below:

1.  The Fun Race from the Islands - South Rendezvous, is open to any member and yacht of the TYC

 2.  The race will "START" as each yacht lift anchor and commence their return to Thornbury Harbour.  You can leave WHENEVER you wish.  No pressure to get up early.

3.  The race will "FINISH" as each yacht pass within 2 boat lengths of the Fairway Mark at the mouth of Thornbury Harbour

4.  Participants must provide the following information to the race committee (via text or email) at the prerequisite times in order to qualify:

4.1. Each yacht must, prior to their start, estimate the time of their voyage and communicate same to Race Committee.  For example; Eroica's est time is 6:03:30. (6 hours, 3 minutes and 30 seconds). It is essential that this information be SENT to (The Race Committee)

4:2. Each yacht must also report their Start Time (GPS) to the Race committee at the earliest opportunity after their start.

4.3.  Each yacht must report their (a) Finish Time (GPS), (b) the names and ages of crew aboard to the Race Committee by 6:00 hrs Monday July 9th 2018


The winner will be announced and presented with the Fun Race Tray at the Annual End of Season Banquet

Good luck to all participants

Steven Wimmer, Vice Commodore


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