FOR 29-May-18


Everyone is encouraged to participate in Sail Past. 

1230 HRS Members meet at the pavilion. If you are taking part in Sail Past, you will receive a boat participation form to fill out; it is imperative that you wait while these forms are put in order. While waiting you can pick up your roster, your membership card and get your BBQ dinner tickets if you have some reserved in your name.

SKIPPERS MEETING - Steven Wimmer, Vice Commodore, will go over the instructions and the route for Sail Past. Once the order is determined, everyone will be called in numberical order to receive their Sail Past placement order and number to put on their boat.

If your boat is not available for Sail Past but you are.... come to the Pavilion meeting, let Steven Wimmer know, and he'll pair you up with another member who has room on their boat.

1500 HRS Sail Past Parade and Blessing

1600 HRS Be piped back into the harbour as you follow the Commodore's Boat. Once in the harbour, dress your boat...Compete for the prize for Best Dressed Boat!

1700 HRS Gather at the Pavilion with BBQ to follow

Click here for the full instructions and route for Sail Past



Another high registration event! With 130 RSVPs its going to be a full pavilion. Thankfully the  forecast is good and we can spill out of the pavilion onto additional picnic tables at the D dock end of the pavilion. Please ensure that you set your places adjacent to the prior group on the picnic tables. The minimimum number of people per picnic table is 6. If you have less than 6 in your group, kindly ensure you only set places that you need and invite the next party to set up adjacent to you on the same table. Only start a new table if the prior table is full. Thank you!

As with all of our pavilion events, this is a green event...please bring your own plates, cutlery, discrete beverages (no bottles on the tables and coozies on cans, pls), etc. But wait there's more!

The theme for the day is Blue and White. While the 'on the water' portion of Sail Past is very traditional, the Pavilion Party can be anything blue and white. And, there is a prize for the best dressed table; in the past the members that have won have included decorating themselves in the theme...


If you have registered guests for the Sail Past dinner, please pay for them at Gyles by Thursday May 31st. 



0900 HRS Coffee with the Bridge is in the Pavilion on Sunday June 3rd. Come for an informal chat with Bridge members. Hear what they are working on and offer your feedback, ask questions...and have a coffee and a donut!

0930 HRS The Skippers Meeting for the Founders Cup Race







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