FOR 24-Apr-18


The annual package was emailed early last week to each Senior Member. Each person should have received the 4 page package including Member Info/Invoice plus the Indemnity forms for launch, mast crane and racing. All forms with payment are due  back (a.k.a. in the hands of the TYC Secretary) by Sunday April 29th. You can drop them into Gyles Sails and Marine.

Reminder that if you wish to race in the Club races that you need to include the race fee on the invoice in addition to sending in the signed Indemnity.




The night before launch, Satuday May 12th, is the Commodore's Ball. It is being held at Lora Bay. The menu is still being finalized and will be posted in an upcoming issue of the TYC e-blast. The theme is 'Black and White'...whatever that means for you!

Cocktails at 6pm and dinner at 7pm.

Please RSVP on-line, print out the confirmation form that is e-mailed to you, and ensure your payment and confirmation form are received by the Club/dropped off at Gyles Sails and Marine,  by Sunday May 6th. Any questions please email Carla at


Thornbury Harbour April Update

The weather is certainly different this year! But it is finally looking a bit more seasonal.  The ice has started to retreat finally.  Since the Harbour has started to open up, we have begun the process of repairs.  The dock contractor has fabricated, galvanized, and will be working on the replacement for the first section of “A” dock main.  This should be ready for install next week.  Last week, the end of “G” dock main was removed for repair, and was put back in place on Saturday April 22.

After the repairs are done, we will be installing additional anchors to the ends of B dock, C dock, D dock, F dock, G dock, and H dock.  The additional anchors will be dropped into place, where a diver will hook up the new anchor to the existing anchor.

We will be testing for stray electrical current in the harbour waters this year, and have ordered a Shock Alert water voltage detector to carry out the procedure.  Please review this instructional video on electric shock drowning (ESD).

Launch will be here before you know it.  We will be turning the water on around May 1, 2018, provided the weather cooperates, and the temperatures remain seasonal.  The land storage hydro has been tested, and available for use to get your vessel ready for the season.  There will be red totes out at the fish cleaning station for used anti-freeze and oil.  If you are putting used anti-freeze in the totes please have a lid on the containers, this will help us in transporting them safely to the landfill for proper disposal.

We will have Graham and Kenny back this season, James is our new seasonal operator who will start on May 7and we are just finishing the hiring process for one college student.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you out and about getting ready for the season.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us by emailing,

Jason Hindle, Thornbury Harbour Lead Hand


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