FOR 20-Mar-18

Is the TYC AGM on your calendar?

Reminder that  the Annual General Meeting of the Thornbury Yacht Club is on Saturday April 7th  at the Lora Bay Recreational Centre, 200 Beacon Drive, Lora Bay in the Town of the Blue Mountains at 1500 hrs; and will be followed by a wine and cheese reception.


Everyone is encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, a proxy process is available, as described in Bylaw #1 Section 12.11. Any member of the Bridge may act on your proxy if another member cannot attend for you.


Click here for the official NOTICE and AGENDA for the 2018 AGM

Click here for the Minutes of the Fall Meeting of Members 2017

Click here for the 2018 Financial Package


Update from the Thornbury Harbour

We hope all is well and you’ve had a great winter!  As I am writing this the sun is shining and spring seems to be fighting to get here.

The harbour staff are getting ready for the upcoming season.  The Hydro around the land storage areas has been turned on and checked as of 8:45am Thursday March 15, 2018. Please remember while using the hydro do not overload the circuits. The GFIs have been tested on the 15-amp circuits and they are working. The only reminder is that the 15-amp receptacles are on 1 circuit so you can't run more than 1 big draw i.e. a drill and a buffer or a heater and anything.  If a plug is not working please send us an email at to rectify the issue.

We did receive some ice damage over the winter.  The first twenty-foot main section of A dock (close to the steel wall) was damaged due to ice and wind movement and will be replaced.  We had an engineer and the contractor who built the dock inspect the dock.  The engineer recommended to replace it would safer and cheaper than repairing the old one.  While the engineer was on site we discussed options to help prevent this from happening again, one option is to remove the first section and both fingers from either side so the dock can move preventing the dock being caught along the wall, and a couple of other ideas but we cannot compete against Mother Nature! Also, a section on G dock that will be repaired.  The ice movement also shifted barrels on the fingers of the docks which will be repaired.  All repairs are scheduled to be completed and ready for the 2018 season.

Jason Hindle, Thornbury Harbour


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