FOR 18-Oct-17

Mother Nature Winked ;)

Friday's Haul Out was uneventful...and then the forecast was updated and Sunday looked dreadful with cool temperatures, 'soaking rain' and gale force winds. A few extra boats were hauled on Friday to get a head start for Sunday and when Sunday arrived it was all systems go.  Preparing for the worst, we hustled with Sunday's schedule and at the end of the day, we made great time and the weather stayed favourable. Thank you very much for everyone who stayed around the full day on Friday or Sunday.


It's Not Over 'Til It's Over

This weekend is busy! The Club's power washer will be available from 10 am on Saturday and Sunday. 

And...the RACING season continues. A reminder that we have the RG65 Regatta this coming Saturday. Looks like a nice weekend weatherwise. The racing will start at 11.00am. We will run a minimum 7 races but will try and get 10 races in time permitting.  There will be 1 drop race. We will use normal scoring 1,2,3....point system. Trophy will be awarded to lowest points accumulated. Hope to see you out.

Steve Fisher 

Pub Nights

We are in the process of confirming dates and locations for our fall pub nights. Stay tuned!



Welcome Your New Bridge!

Following the election of the directors at the Fall Meeting of Members on Saturday, the Bridge held their first meeting and appointed the directors into the following positions.

  • Andi Kleiser - Commodore
  • Mike Wright - Past Commodore
  • Steven Wimmer - Vice Commodore
  • Laura Lucas - Secretary
  • Keri Humber - Treasurer
  • Scott Gloster - Rear Commodore Communications
  • Rene Koopmans - Rear Commodore Harbour
  • James Palmer - Rear Commodore Racing

Congratulations to all of you - Welcome to the 2018 Bridge!

With Keri Humber and James Palmer joining the Bridge, it is time to say good-by to Doug Johnston and Linda Fuhro. Doug began his time on the Bridge 10 years ago as the Rear Commodore Harbour, then moved to Vice-Commodore, Commodore and most recently as Past Commodore. Doug has been on several committees through the years and remains on the Nominating Committee, the Capital Projects Committee and the newly formed Safety, Education and Environment Committee. Linda was on the Bridge 12 years ago as Secretary and 4 years ago returned as Secretary and then transitioned to Treasurer and the Finance Committee. Thank You!

Laura Lucas  has increasing professional responsibilities and has been looking to step down from the Bridge. The Nominating Comittee has been searching for a replacement but was unsuccessful leading up to the Fall Meeting. Laura has agreed to stay on until a new Secretary has been appointed and approved by the Bridge. The ideal candidate will have experience on a TYC committee. If you are interested in this role, kindly let the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Mike Wright now.


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