FOR 05-Oct-17

End of Season Banquet and Awards Ceremony

Summer was slow to start but the last few weeks have felt like it is finally here! Let's keep this feeling going....the theme for this Fall's End of Season Banquet is 'Beach Party'. Come dressed for the beach...or for a banquet, whichever you choose.

The location for this year's party is close at hand. Maiolo's overlooking the harbour is the venue. Cocktails at 6 with dinner to follow. Hopefully it is nice weather and we can at least start on the patio.


Please go on-line and RSVP for this event by Sunday October 8th. The cost is $35 for members and $45 for guest; please print your confirmation and take with your payment to Gyles Sails and Marine by the end of the week.

If you have photos you would like to include with the year end slide show, please send them to Mike Wright at

How far did you cruise this summer? Send your mileage (in nautical miles) to Doug Johnston at if you qualify for a distance flag. Flags are awarded for 300-599 NM (bronze); 600-999NM (silver); and 1000NM + (gold). Flags are given out at the Fall dinner.



The Fall Meeting of Members for the Thornbury Yacht Club is being held on Saturday October 14th at the Lora Bay Recreational Centre at 200 Beacon Drive, Lora Bay in the Town of the Blue Mountains at 1500 hrs for the following purposes:

  1. To receive and consider the minutes of the Spring 2017 Annual General Meeting
  2. To elect the Directors of the Thornbury Yacht Club
  3. To transact such further and other business that properly came 60-days before the meeting notice (per Bylaw 12.1B)

All members are strongly encouraged to attend the Fall Meeting of Members.  If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, a proxy process is available, as described in Bylaw No. 1 Section 12.11. Any member of the Bridge may act on your proxy if another member cannot attend for you.

Click here for the full notice

Click here for the minutes of the 2017 AGM Minutes

Click here for the Nominating Committee Report 2017




The anchors for C dock that moved during the recent storm have been moved back into their proper position. After haul out the harbour crew will be resetting other dock anchors and looking for other solutions to ensure the dock anchors do not move in future storms. But Mother Nature always has something to say about that!

The harbour crew with the help of Ray Fulford moved the cradles down to the harbour yesterday and members can start to set their cradles up. They will be moved into position once Rene gets the haul out schedule organized.

Please note that as per the LIcense of Occupation and the Land Storage Agreement, the town requires current insurance information for all boats in the harbour and on the hard. The harbour office is contacting members whose insurance information has expired. If you have a call or email from the harbour team please get back to them with your updated informaton before haul out.




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