FOR 04-Jul-17

South Rendezvous Update

Fun Race Courses for Sunday - see below

It's time to head to Christian Island. The South Rendezvous is this Saturday and the destination is Little Sand Bay. The TYC point person for Saturday's events is Rene Koopmans on Tegan; and the point person for the fun race back to Thornbury on Sunday is Steven Wimmer.

Saturday...Rene will be monitoring VHF 09 starting at noon on Saturday. (Remember to keep your VHF on channel 16 when you are underway) Check in with Rene when you arrive (on VHF 09). While Little Sand Bay is expected to be the location, if a change is required due to winds or other weather Rene will hail the TYC fleet on VHF 16 and then broadcast on VHF 09. The events planned for the day include:

1400 hrs ~ Dinghy water wars

1600 hrs ~ Appetizers on shore if there is enough room on shore. With the high water, this may be a dinghy party held near the stern of Tegan.

2000hrs ~ Sing song (depending on the talent available) Location to be determined.

Sunday...Fun Race From The Islands -  Sunday July 9th.  The fun Race is quiet informal.  The Race Committee will announce the Race Instructions over VHF Channel 09  at 2000 hrs Saturday July 9 and again at  800 hrs Sunday morning July 10.  The start is WHEN EVER each yacht wants to start.  The Race Committee will establish a “START LINE” between the Limestone Committee boat and an inflatable tetrahedron mark.  The “RACE COURSE” will be identified as either Course A, B, C or D.  (click here for the course chart...which is now attached).  Each yacht intending to race should contact the Race Committee on VHF Channel 09 as they approach the Start Line and express their intentions.  Each yacht may start at their leisure, (pass between the Committee Boat and the inflatable mark) and proceed smartly,  following the described course to the Fairway Mark at the mouth of Thornbury Harbour (within 1 boat length of the mark)  at which point the yacht shall record their own finish time by GPS or sun dial and report this to the Race Committee via email to





Remember to call the Harbour Staff prior to heading over for servicing.

Tel: 519-599-3131 ext. 330 ~ Cell: 705-444-4398 ~ VHF 68



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