FOR 13-Jun-17

Boating Season is Fully Underway!

The weather is more seasonal, folks are boating to Christian Island for the weekend, races are underway and the dock parties continue; the boating season is clearly underway! This newsletter has lots of information about this coming weekend, summer activities and Bridge please do read right through to the last work.



This weekend is Regatta Weekend with two races on Saturday and one race on Sunday. After Saturday's races it is the Regatta Social BBQ beginning about 4:30. This is a pre-registered event, open to racers and non-racers alike;  and we are pleased to again note that it is sold out with over 70 people having RSVP'ed.

There are two reminders for those attending the social

  1. The barbeque goes ahead rain or shine
  2. As with all other dock parties, please bring  your own plates, cutlery, etc.

Heather Reid is the host of this event and will collect for the guests registered at the event.



Following up on discussions that have been going on for some time now, a decision has been made to have this year's North Rendezvous (beginning of August) at a wilderness location. After meeting for several years at the Sportsman's Inn in Killarney, this year we will gather at  Keyhole; an anchorage near the west end of Colliins Inlet, just south east of Killarney. More information will be coming in the weeks ahead. If you have not been to the North Rendezvous before, and are interested in coming, please contact Doug Johnston. He is the coordinator of the Rendezvous and will set up ew folks with a buddy boat to make the trek north if desired. Also, if you are boatless this summer and were thinking of coming up to Killarney by car, also let Doug know, and he will do his best to get you 'on-boat' accommodations for the Rendezvous. Contact Doug at



The Nominating Committee of the Bridge has started its annual meeting process to put together a slate of Directors to present to the members at the Fall Meeting of Members in October.  If you are interested in being on the Bridge or finding out more about what is involved in being on the Bridge, please contact Doug Johnston, Chair (Past Commodore) or the committee members as identified in the Bylaw; Mike Wright (Commodore), Andi Kleiser (Vice Commodore) and Carla Nicolson (Prior Past Commodore).

Good Way to Get Started...if you are interested in getting involved, a good place to start is to join a committee. The Club's current committees include social, finance, harbour, racing, and communications. Being on a committee is an excellent way to learn more about the Club, how the operations work and determining if you are interested in putting your name forward for consideration as a Bridge member. Many Bridge members have spent at least a year working on a Club committee. Speak with any member of the Nominating Committee to find out more about the committees.



TYC Family Day is held on the last weekend in August, every other year, alternating with Sail for Hope. This year we are looking to increase the activities and the participation in this fun event, in this the TYC's 35th anniversary year and Canada's 150th. We are looking at 'team' small boat building and performance test, a laser race, RC race, boat tours and a barbeque...with maybe a few fun fund raising events for Sail for Hope...isn't that right Denis? So please put August 26th on your calendar, and if you would like to be part of the team putting this day together, please let Carla know as we are looking for some help. Contact Carla at carla.nicolson@rogers.coom



Rosters and membership cards that were not picked up at Sail Past will be distirubted directly to your boat. Don't have a will be in the mail.


The last word  ;)


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