FOR 30-Sep-17

Sail Past 2017

This Saturday is the official opening of the Thornbury Yacht Club’s boating season which we celebrate with our annual Sail Past, blessing of the fleet and a fun and festive barbeque at the pavilion (see below for social details).

Traditionally, Sail Past is when the commander reviews all vessels on special occasions or to ensure the fleet is ready for battle.  Of course, we are not going to battle, but nevertheless, all members are encouraged to participate and based on the number of members who registered, we will have a lot of boats out on the water. If you do not have a boat or your boat is not able to participate, come to the skippers meeting and someone else will gladly take you out!

All skippers and crew are encouraged to wear blue and white in good nautical fashion.

The day will begin at 1230 hrs in the pavilion with registration followed by the skippers’ meeting.  All skippers must register and attend the skippers’ meeting.

During the skippers'  meeting you receive your Sail Past number and the sailing instructions. Click here for an advance copy of the sailing insturctions. It is very important that all skippers have their number (two copies) and attach one on each side of their boats, clearly visible to the other boats, before leaving the harbour for the on-water parade. The barbeque tickets, annual rosters and membership cards will also be given out at this time.


Below are the highlights of what we will cover at the skippers’ meeting:

  1. Parade Route
  2. Order of the fleet (you will need your number in order to know your position in the fleet)
  3. On-the-water etiquette (what ensign/burgee to fly, salute)
  4. Returning to the harbour
  5. Dressing ship

The parade will commence at 1500 hrs and end with the last boat’s salute, after which the fleet waits for, and then follows the flagship back into the harbour.

The fleet will be welcomed back to the harbour by pipers and, once tied up, skippers and crew are encouraged to dress ship and decorate their tables in the pavilion. Note that boats are only to be 'dressed' once they return to the harbour.



The Sail Past barbeque begins at 1700 hrs. Registrations were due last Sunday and even with ordering extra we have maxed out at 150 people. We are planning for a nice day as we will be spilling out of the pavilion.

Waiting List: We currently have a waiting list, so if you have reserved tickets and know that you will not be using all of them, please call Carla and let her know (519) 599 1158.

Everyone is encouraged to decorate their table and in keeping with our 'green' approach to dock parties, please do bring your own plates, cutlery and beverages.

Honours and a prize will be given for the most properly decorated boat and the most originally decorated table.


1230 hrs Skippers Meeting in the Pavilion

1500 hrs Sail Past on the Bay

1700 hrs BBQ in the Pavilion



Looking for something to do on Sail Past Sunday?

Sunday begins with Coffee with the Bridge. Come meet your Bridge Members in the Pavilion at 1000 hrs on Sunday. Bring any questions, comments, suggestions, inquiries....

and for the racers amongst you... Sunday is the Annual Founders Cup.



If you are interested in helping out with the social events, please let Carla know by email or phone. Typically the social committee works together on the Launch and Haul Out dinners, and then for the rest of the events, one person takes the lead, orders the food from Foodland, and is the host for the day. The committee currently includes Heather Reid, George Londos & co., Andi Kleiser, Yolanda Pandolfo & Jamie Gardner, Carla Nicolson & Doug Johnston. The various events that this crew takes turns hosting includes ski day, AGM social, Lobsterfest, Sail Past, Regatta Weekend, Family Day and Wine'd Up Dock Party. This is a great way to get involved.....presently we are looking for more people and ideally who are available to help with the Regatta Social on June 17. or call/text 416 346 6247




Missing your ladder? There is a ladder left from launch on the hard. Please pick it up by Thursday as anything left at that point will be taken away by the harbour crew.

On Thursday June 8 2017 the fire department will be doing their annual pump test at the end of the pier. They test all their pump trucks. 

Remember to call the service dock before heading over for fuel or pump outs.

tel: 705.444.4398 or VHF 68



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