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 Put Your Irish On!

Come out to the March Pub night on this Sunday, March 19th. Pub night is at The Corner starting at 5pm. Hope to see you all there!



Hi there - I’m Maggie Smyth (C Dock Full Tilt) and I have taken over providing the regalia service from Linda Fuhro, who has done a great job over the years! 

Here is a little 101 or reminder of how this works.  

Each year I will order items that I think will be functional in the sailing world as well as fashionable. You can give me suggestions and price points.  You have 2 times in the year that you can order your size and colour. I will email you when it is ready and arrange pick up. Easy! 

You can place your order at the Launch Party May 13th or at Sailpast on June 3rd. (bring your cheque book or cash). There will be samples of sizes and colours on these two dates. 

If you miss out on these order days, the stock that has not been purchased will be at Gyles for the remainder of the summer. Don’t miss out - put your order in early so you can proudly wear your TYC branded clothing throughout the summer! 

This year we will have a few different items including quick dry towels that you can have personalized. 

So exciting!!  Look forward to connecting or re-connecting this season!

Maggie Smyth

Harbour Update

Happy (almost) Spring everyone!  The unofficial first sign of Spring is the power being turned back on at the harbour.  Jason was down this morning and turned all of the land storage power on so if you want to top up your batteries or if you’re brave enough to work on your boat in these cold temperatures it is available.  On a safety note, double check your extension cords for splits or breaks and make sure you don’t leave any heating devices unattended at any time! 

On March 6 2017 The Blue Mountains Council approved a staff report dealing with harbour debt from dock replacement and dredging.  Within in that report was a proposal to end the $2/ft per year increases and reduce it to $1/ft per year beginning in 2018.  The whole report can be viewed at the following link.  (The report identifies a bi-annual payment that should read semi-annual.)

Ryan Gibbons
Town of The Blue Mountains
Harbour/Cemetery Manager
Building Maintenance Coordinator



March 19 - March Pub Night

April 1 - Annual General Meeting

May 13 - Commodore's Ball

May 14 - Launch

May 20 - Masts to be removed from the Pavilion

May 21 - Work Crew to Install Sides on the Pavilion



TAKE NOTICE THAT:  the Annual General Meeting of the Thornbury Yacht Club will be held on the 1st day of April 2017 at the Lora Bay Recreational Centre, 200 Beacon Drive, Lora Bay in the Town of the Blue Mountains at 1500 hrs for the following purposes:


1.     To receive and approve the minutes of the Fall Meeting of Members;

2.     To receive and approve the Financial Statements for the year ending December 31, 2016;

3.     To review and approve the 2017 Operating and Capital budgets;

4.     To consider an Extraordinary Resolution not to appoint an auditor

5.    To transact such further & other business that properly came 60-days before the meeting notice (per Bylaw 12.1B)


Minutes of the Fall Meeting of Members, Financials & Budget will be made available by the Club Secretary prior to the meeting.


All members are strongly encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, a proxy process is available, as described in Bylaw #1 Section 12.11. Any member of the Bridge may act on your proxy if another member cannot attend for you.


Click here for the full notice of the meeting, agenda and the proxy.


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