E-blast June 6

Regatta Social, Message from the Commodore and Racing Round-Up....

Our boating season is now in full swing. Accordingly this is a rather lengthy e-blast so please read right through to the bitter end. We have the upcoming Regatta social information, the Commodore's Report about Sail Past and Coffee with the Bridge, and the Rear Commodore Racing's Racing Round-Up including a racing invitation from the Reef Boat Club in Meaford. Happy Reading!



The TYC Regatta weekend is June 16/17. The weekend has three races and a social barbeque in the pavilion; the social, of course, is open to all members and guests. This years hosts are Ruth and Glen Hayworth with Commodore Andi Kleiser on the barbeque. Plan to come for a fun evening of burgers and salad...and lots of chatter! Registration is open, please register on-line by Monday June 11; members are free and guests are $10 (make payment to Ruth the night of the barbeque). As with all of our dock parties, please bring your own plates, cutlery, etc.



The TYC 2018 Sailing Season is Officially Open!

Everything came together on Saturday for the official opening of our sailing season.

The strong winds forecast for the day held off to make for a comfortable afternoon on the water, the sun was shining, pastor Brian’s blessings were well delivered and had angels dancing on some of our decks, the fleet stayed together reasonably close and the pipers started right on queue to pipe us back into the harbour.

Once we were all back, the harbour was a sight to behold with so many of us dressed in blue and white many boats flying what colourful flags they could hoist up their masts and many members and visitors mingling on the docks.

For me, Sail Past is one of the highlights of the season as it reminds us of some our long standing nautical traditions, as well as our own TYC traditions, and it is an opportunity to spend a day at the harbour around our freshly launched and cleaned boats and connect with other members in the pavilion, on the docks and on our boats.

All in all about 36 boats were on the water for the blessing and salute and an extra four boats were blessed in absentia.

Thank you to all who came out to participate and especially Vice Commodore Steven Wimmer and the social committee for organizing this great event for all of us to enjoy.


Coffee with the Bridge

On Sunday morning following Sail Past we had our first of two ‘Coffee with the Bridge’ meetings.

This is an opportunity for the Bridge to talk about on-going Bridge activities, as well as upcoming events in a very casual atmosphere.

It was great to see such a large number of members come out and show your interest and engagement in our Club’s activities.

We briefly talked about the upcoming survey of members for the TYC’s future community involvement, our South and North Rendezvous and upcoming races including this weekend’s Mighty Mary/Betty Bowl and TYC Club Race Weekend.

Please refer to future e-blasts and your new membership handbooks for details on these and the many other events planned for this summer.

The main topic of conversation was the harbour WiFi and I want to take this opportunity to thank Doug Johnston for spending so much of his own time on managing the WiFi system now and over the past several years and give you an update on what is involved, what we have done and continue to do.

As many of you know, the TYC WiFi is operated with funds from members’ annual dues and with equipment financed through the capital fund. The WiFi was set up and is managed by long-time Member and Past Commodore, Doug Johnston. 

Over the years we have experienced issues with signal strength, connectivity and speed and the occasional system outage (due to storms) and these issues are frustrating to those who are relying on our WiFi for connectivity to communicate, catch up on news, use a search engine to look up a technical sailing term, or just to be entertained.  The issues of connectivity and speed are also frustrating to those managing these systems as they work to keep the TYC system/equipment current, keep up with the increasing number of devices competing for bandwidth, and juggle the different demands our members have of our WiFi system; and all this on a very limited budget!  Some members have expressed concerns about these issues and the Bridge and Doug take these concerns seriously and have been working to address them.

There are three things that we have to deal with; 1) signal strength, 2) connectivity (the number of devices that can connect at once) and 3) throughput (megabits per second - which is shared by the number of people that are connected).

Last year we spent money to address signal strength by increasing the number of access points to ensure we had good signal strength throughout the harbour. We now have 3 wireless access points (fish station, washroom building and the light standard near the mast crane/A dock) that provide reliable signal strength to boats that are generally several hundred feet from the nearest access point.

Two weeks ago the Bridge approved the purchase and installation of a new commercial router that increased our system’s capacity from about 100 concurrent devices to just over 500; this improved our connectivity. In addition, Doug has been working with Rogers to have them install a new modem to provide more throughput (mbps) and he continues to work with them to investigate further improvements to this bottleneck. These changes have already resulted in improved performance for our members.

Additionally, we will be changing the password to the WiFi system, as it appears that there are some non-members accessing the WiFi system, diminishing paying Members’ ability to connect.

For the longer term, the Bridge has discussed having a study done to determine the requirements for and feasibility of providing a commercial type wifi system in the harbour, and is exploring partnering with the TOBM.

Finally, if you experience issues using our WiFi system or if you have any questions about the system, please contact Doug or me directly, providing as much detail as possible (day, time of day, description of the issue, etc.). Sometimes Rogers has been down and we just need a reboot!

Happy and safe boating.

Andi Kleiser, Commodore.



Founders Cup: June 3rd, 2018

A great turn out for the Founders Cup race on Sunday with 7 boats competing in a challenging race that witnessed multiple 180 degree wind shifts, and wind speeds ranging from zero knots to 22 knots.

3rd: Second Quest

2nd: Champagne Magnum

1st: Eroica


Full results here:

Full Race Schedule here:

NEW (thanks to Glenn Hayworth) Relive the race in 3D:


Ladies - assemble your crews!

This Saturday is the Mighty Mary/Betty Bowl race. 

Results count towards the season championship this year! 


The Mighty Mary Race has 2 divisions within one race.  Division 1 is for all female crewed and skippered boats. This group will be competing for the  Mighty Mary Trophy.  Division 2 is for mixed crews.  Boats in division 2  are skippered by a female.  The remainder of the crew may be of either sex. Male crew members may not touch the helm.  Division 2 will be competing for the Betty Bowl Trophy. The Mighty Mary/Betty Bowl counts towards season championships.

Skippers meeting in the pavilion at 09:30 hrs.

Start time is at 11:00 hrs.

There are a number of boats available, so if you are interested please reach out and we will find a spot for you. Contact me at


PHRF Application Form

For those of us who are signed up for the TYC racing program and intend to race either in the TYC racing program or intra club races like the Meaburywood memorial race or the Georgian Bay Regatta this note is for you. 

You will need a Handicap certificate commonly known on our waters as a PHRF certificate. This certificate gives your boat an appropriate time correction based on the make, model and configuration of your boat. The first step in getting that certificate is the completion of the PHRF certificate application form. The application form can be found on the PHRF website at or through the the link below. It needs to be filled out and forwarded to the TYC handicapper, Steve Fisher at stevefisher911@sympatico.caIf you don't have sail measurements from your sailmaker you will need to get your headsail, mainsail and downwind sails measured. Steve can help you get that done. Once inputed to PHRF it takes about 2 weeks to get that certificate. 

For those of us who have a valid certificate it is recommended you have a copy of that certificate on your boat. You will need to present it on registration to any race run under the PHRF handicap system.

A copy of your boat certificate once validated can be found on the PHRF website under the "searches and queries" drop down. Click on " certificate query".  Input your surname, boat name, sail number and press the "GO" button and you will find your certificate. Download it, print it and keep it on your boat. 

Click here for the PHRF Application Form


Date Error on Racing Schedule

The Georgian Bay Cup is to be held on July 8th not July 1st as noted in the printed schedule. The website has been updated to reflect this.

Reef Boat Club (Meaford) Annual Open Regatta

2 races Saturday, June 23 (pm) and Sunday, June 24 (am) 

No registration fee & no PHRF handicap certificate required 

Skippers Meeting at Reef Boat Club, 1145 hrs Saturday, June 23 Social 1800 hrs 

To register or for more information contact: Ron Owston, Race Committee Chair 


James Palmer, Rear Commodore Racing


The Bitter End

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